What we are:

Untold Stories is a bereavement group for Maryland women to bridge the gap between pregnancy, loss, and the long road to healing. Join US for a safe place to find connection, community, and resources online after pregnancy and infant loss at any stage.

Who we are:

Untold Stories was created out of a passion to help other women through the struggles of pregnancy and infant loss, by two fellow loss moms who connected to support each other through their own grief and loss and thought “no woman should ever have to feel this alone.”

What we do:

Since our conception in January of 2021, Untold Stories has cultivated a safe space for resources, sharing, venting, questioning, reassurance and hope in its’ online community of over 350 Maryland women; sent out care packages on loss anniversaries, when beginning IVF rounds, on due dates, and more; shipped bereaved Mother’s Day gifts; and partnered with local mental health professionals, hospitals, and OB offices to begin the process of re-writing the stigma of miscarriage, and changing the medical field’s practices of misinformation, missing information, lack of sympathy, and compassion.

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To speak with a support specialist immediately, please email us at untoldstories.mdnp@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

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